Our aim is to deliver measurable value to your business

We design and develop innovative software products that drive high-value results and an immediate return on investment.

Jaegersoft caters to businesses in mining and heavy industry, advanced manufacturing and processing, mechanical and electrical engineering, construction, and shipping.

Core services include:

web application development

mobile application development

cloud integration and optimisation

API development and integration

system integration and automation

Our designers and engineers leverage modern technologies to architect dynamic and effective solutions for your complex business challenges.

A Track Record in Software

Here's a selection of Case Studies from our clients:

The Jaegersoft




  • Requirements discovery workshop
  • Processing mapping
  • Problem statement definition
  • User journey mapping


Understand your business, its model and the proposed software product. Defining the problem statement, and understanding the goals and value of the software product.

Build a product that meets your specific needs and drives success for your business.



  • Software design documentation
  • Software requirements specification
  • Problem statement definition
  • UI/UX designs


UI/UX design prototype wireframes for feedback and visualization of the final product before any coding.

Ensures maintainability and scalability for any qualified software engineer or developer.

Outlines goals and milestones for the development team and stakeholders to mitigate risk during the development process.



  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Cloud integration and optimisation
  • API development and integration


Jaegersoft provides a skilled team of designers, solutions architects and developers.

Handle the risk and complexity for efficient and effective project management.

Work in close collaboration with an agile development process.



  • Deployment of CI/CD pipelines
  • Private, public and hybrid cloud
  • Product support and maintenance


Successfully provision software products to end users in various environments.

Maintenance and support packages for fine-tuning, adding new features, and issue resolution.

Continually safeguarding and improving software products. As the business grows and pivots, so must the software product.

Award-winning Software Development Agency

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Jaegersoft has just completed its key delivery as part of a lengthy program of work for Triber. Triber is preparing to launch a B2B SaaS Procurement Platform and Jaegersoft is a critical partner in our delivery program.

The Jaegersoft team is professional, knowledgeable and cost-effective. They have been a key contributor to solution architecture and our product roadmap.

We look forward to continuing our strong relationship for years to come.

Chris Liddell


Rapid Spray

Jaegersoft were suggested to us as a company to help develop a cloud based portal where users can manage data they capture using our loT/hardware devices. We found they had great process to scope out the requirements and bring the idea to life. They have also been very responsive and good communicators when we needed further updates or ongoing maintenance. The Rapid Spray team have enjoyed working with them.

Roy Thrush


em-u health is redefining health at work deploying digital health tools and it was important for us to be able to move with speed & agility. Jaegersoft has helped us develop, test and debug our product, desk.coach, in an efficient way. Their team is excellent at communication; not only keeping you in the loop, but also being able to explain technical aspects in an easy-to-understand way to our non-technical team. Our lead developer has had a brilliant experience working with the Jaegersoft guys. Their knowledge and professionalism is comprehensive and they are a pleasure to work with!

Leigh Sherry



I was recommended to use Jaegersoft to bring my idea to reality, they help test and create a new mobile APP (Lidarx3) which allow you to 3d scan stockpiles to calculate volumes and create reports.

Thanks to Viv and his team for delivering a reliable APP in a professional and timely manner and look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Tim Reece


Safe Gauge

Jaegersoft were recommended to us to develop a software dashboard and integrate with our hardware product (DataLink). Viv, Max and the team worked really well with everyone at Safe Gauge to ultimately deliver an impressive dashboard going above and beyond to ensure the quality and reliability of the platform.

Thanks guys for the great work and look forward to continue working together!

Luke Dawson

Founder / CEO

working with Jaegersoft
you get

Technical expertise and experience

We bring your software product vision to life. As a team of experienced software developers, we engineer modern and innovative solutions, solve complex business problems, and deliver cutting-edge technologies. With our lean principles, we always prioritise building a minimum viable product (MVP). Additionally, we excel in transforming legacy systems and reviving incomplete projects.

Effective collaboration and communication

This is key to a successful software project, and we work hard to ensure our clients are always in the loop. We are committed to working closely with you throughout the software development process.

Requirements, clarity, and opinions can change. We understand that and are always on hand to adapt and ensure the product remains fit for purpose and optimally resolved for your success. Our deep level of collaboration enables us to regularly validate our solution with you and make any necessary adjustments.

Software development can be complex, which is why we are committed to communicating our work and outcomes in a clear and concise manner.

We form part of an extensive network

Jaegersoft is proud to be part of a community of fellow entrepreneurs, accelerators, incubators, agencies, and professional service consultants. Our expertise is software engineering, but we understand your product development venture may require additional services beyond our scope. Our network is extensive, and we are confident we can connect you with the right partners to help you succeed. We are here to support you every step of the way.

We are keen to consult product managers, technology leads, CTOs, and senior engineers. These individual champions understand the importance of innovation and push for technology adoption.