Case Study: SafeGauge DataLink Controller

Monitoring machine performance and identifying irregular trends to prevent machine failure.

At a Glance

Jaegersoft developed an IoT web application interface for SafeGauge’s Wireless DataLink, enabling technicians and reliability engineers to monitor and assess hydraulic pressure and prevent machine failure. The DataLink Controller supports a higher capacity for SafeTest pressure transducer sensors. Supporting integration with third-party devices such as laptops or tablets offers greater convenience. It allows users to view real-time pressure data, run user-defined tests, save 12 months’ worth of historical data, and generate reports.

Our services:

  • Requirements discovery
  • Research and feasibility study
  • Software design and specification
  • Software product development and delivery 

Meet the Client

SafeGauge has an innovative and global focus on removing technicians from the line of fire when live testing on heavy mobile plant machinery. The SafeTest range of products helps improve safety in an ethical and efficient manner. It aims to minimise the chance of crush injuries and fluid injection whilst conducting necessary maintenance duties in the mining, rail, construction, and defence industries.

The Challenge

SafeGauge’s SafeTest Pressure Transducer Sensors allowed technicians and engineers to monitor machine performance and hydraulic pressure, but only when connected to the SafeGauge Wireless MultiTool. 

SafeGauge proposed the DataLink Controller to allow technicians and engineers to use their own devices to connect with the sensors. The DataLink Controller is a user-friendly, portable wireless data logger. A laptop or tablet can power it remotely, or it can be set up in a machine for continuous monitoring. It offers a flexible solution for monitoring machine performance. 

The SafeGauge engineering team understood there were software design and development aspects of this project that needed to turn the complex into the simple, including the following.   

  • Designing an intuitive and seamless user interface for engineering technicians.
  • Developing a data-persistent and cross-platform web application that can run on a suite of different operating systems and devices.
  • Developing a web application that is compatible with connection over a USB interface with limited to no internet connection.
  • Designing and developing a web application with highly functional live and historical charting and analytics.
  • Developing a web application with state-of-the- art charting and analytics functionality, for both live and historical time series data.
  • Developing customisable testing functionality for users, with the ability to generate and export dynamic PDFs.

The Solution

Our expert team integrated seamlessly with the SafeGauge team to ensure a dynamic and agile software and hardware development process. 

We presented the DataLink Web Application Interface to SafeGauge after following our software product development process, which ensures the delivery of a high-quality product while mitigating risk.


In the first engagement, Jaegersoft ran a requirements discovery workshop to ensure alignment with the SafeGauge team and to fully understand their project vision. Adhering to lean principles, we fleshed out requirements and the high value features the DataLink Controller’s target audience of technicians and engineers prioritise. 


Jaegersoft undertook a thorough product specification and design sprint to develop UI/UX wireframes, IEEE Standard design document, and software requirements specification for the DataLink web application interface. This allowed the SafeGauge team to finalise the software product from a technical and user experience standpoint before commencing any development. It ensured the product specification met their vision and mitigated any risk of code rework during the Development phase.


Jaegersoft provided an agile software development phase to deliver value to SafeGauge. Weekly sprints with product showcase allowed the dynamic gathering of feedback and the fine-tuning of continuous improvements to the tech stack. A Jaegersoft engineer was on-site once a week to ensure software development advances coincided with hardware development progress from the SafeGauge engineering team. This agile way of working was one of the reasons SafeGauge chose Jaegersoft. It allowed for constant collaboration and the delivery of a high-quality software and hardware product within the required timeline and budget.


Jaegersoft provided the DataLink web application interface seamlessly, setting up the cloud infrastructure for bespoke deployment. We supplied maintenance packages to ensure Jaegersoft was the technical team on standby to support the requirements of SafeGauge’s customers. 


  • Remote monitoring of machine performance allows technicians and reliability engineers to identify irregular trends and prevent failure. Remote monitoring is 20x faster than manual field monitoring. 
  • Log critical data on a laptop, or permanently install it to a machine for continuous monitoring with no internet connection needed.
  • Connect up to 20 wireless sensors at once to monitor pressure.
  • Store up to 12 months of continuous data to provide customers with performance trends.
  • Log tests from start to finish and download dynamic reports for comprehensive machinery analytics.